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Free invisible computer spy - key logger. Only here you will find FREE computer PC spy. Ideal online activity monitoring software solution for home, family & parents! 

Our spy software (spyware or snoop software) can be used for your absolutely security!

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Perfect Keylogger - the best free computer keyboard monitor. Here you can find absolutely free computer security software (typing and keystroke monitoring tools). Download our PC keylogger for your security purposes!

Ideal PC keylogger, computer usage and activity monitoring tool for Windows XP keyboard security

Very Good typing logger for Windows 2000

Best computer (PC) usage logger for Windows NT

Some applications of the Perfect PC activity logger:

-monitoring computer (PC) usage of your employees;

-stealth monitoring of online activity of your cheating spouse;

- logging computer online activity and usage of your kids.

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Free computer (PC) keystroke recorder for your security!

- Monitoring children activity on computer for parents
- Restore lost information
- Monitor what and when programs opened
- Recall what you wrote some time ago
- Spouse check

Keylogger (key logger) for cheating spouse check purposes!

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It's a best hidden computer spy .

Ideal freeware computer keystroke monitor for security purposes!

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Perfect Keylogger - the best free computer keyboard monitor.

Do you want to know what your buddy or colleague is typing on the computer online? Or perhaps you just want to control your Perfect members - what they are doing on your computer? With Perfect Keylogger you can make it in 2 minutes! It's a best hidden spy. This program runs on the installed computer, being fully hidden from its users, and logs in a protected file all users' typing that occurs. It's a best stealth keyboard spy.

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It's a invisible PC (computer) spy.

Records everything typed on the computer online, including emails, instant messages, chats, and website addresses!

Pefect Keylogger is the famous, highly flexible, all-round monitoring solution used by concerned parents, small businesses. It logs keystrokes, user names, passwords, path names, access times, windows titles, BOTH sides of a CHAT conversation for most popular chat software, AOL content and visited websites into a password protected encrypted file. For remote surveillance of (internet-) networked PCs key logger can (invisibly) email the log file to another PC via any standard email account or save the log directly to the server.

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Record all keystrokes on your computer!

   Do you want to know what other people type on your computer when you are away from it?

   The Perfect Keylogger records all keystrokes made on your computer on every window, even on password protected boxes.  The software is completely undetectable to those it's monitoring and starts up whenever your computer starts up.  See everything being typed, emails, messages, documents, web pages, usernames, passwords, and more.